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This Page is meant for YOUR questions. Please ask anything you want to know in relation to vaishnavism.
Your questions will be answered by our Founder Srila B. A. Paramadvati Maharaj personally or by one of his close assistants.


Q: Why is it that Vaishnavas so easily fight together?

A: To be of not the same opinion and to discuss about, is a natural process and healthy for our individual growing up.
But to be agitated about and in some cases even to call in question the relationship, is a awful thing for me, and in fact completely usless. It is a proof for our Kali-Yuga-Samskara.
Therefore I implore all devotees, to see such situations as the oportunity to cultivate the own maturity and as a special lesson in "trinad api sunicena".
In this way we will receive more and faster the blessings.

Q: There are some gurus who say one should repeat the holy name a set number of times daily and others who say quality is more important. I humbly ask your view on this maharaj.

A: The fixed number of rounds are given to the disciple at the moment of initiation. Further instructions on chanting are received by the disciple as he advances.
Different Acaryas have given different numbers to their disciples on different occasions. But whether they told them to chant 64, 32, 16 or 4 rounds, all Acaryas have given the same essence to their disciples which is: Always think of Krishna and never forget him.
We have witnessed cases, where Srila Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada and Srila Sridhar Maharaj have given priority to quality over quantity. Also moments where important services were given priority over chanting a fixed number of rounds. I personally tell those who come to my spiritual family to chant 16 rounds daily and to chant in service emergencies a minimum of 4 rounds.
But it is true that we westerners have a tendency to be negligent and therefore it becomes clear that sixteen rounds at least give a solid base of encountering the material struggle of every day with some spiritual energy. But to limit the whole issue to a number issue means to do away with many other very important issues of the transcendental philosophy. In that connection definitely the degree of eagerness, spiritual greed is of importance and not the routinely execution of any regulative principle.
That is my humble offering to you for your consideration.

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