The following articles are written only for my Godbrothers.


Well, my friends, I have been really lucky. I have so many family members that it almost gets out of hand. First I have the Godbrothers through my first and second initiation. They are about three thousand at least.
They are all over the world and many of them I never met. But I do know so many of them. It has not been easy with us after our spiritual master left the world. But we all try to struggle on against the waves of Maya. Let me take advantage while I introduce them to you to offer my love and obeisances to all of them, also to those who I never met. That does not matter . Brother is brother. Same way to be conceived means the same seed is growing within us. Accept my Dandavat Pranams and bless this brother of your's. The same I ask from all my Godsisters as well, of course. I wish we would be more united in our fathers cause, but unity in diversity will be the main answer for us to be able to appreciate each other more. The world is too big to know all, contact all and communicate with all. At least if you happen to pass by this note, notice that I am very sorry if I even made you unhappy or neglected you. Vaisnavas are very merciful and I hope you may also forgive me.
The next I have another 15 Sannyasy Godbrothers and at least 500 more Godbothers through my Sannyas Guru Srila Sridhar Maharaj. His contribution was a strong feeling for all my Indian brothers and sisters from his Math as well as the devotees in other missions which often know each other regardless of belonging to different branches of the tradition. That is very common and in the past of our Sampradaya people like Narottama das Thakur had a very intimate connection with Ramachandra who was the disciple of his contemporary of another branch. Vaisnava. LOVE HAS NO HARD AND FAST RULES TO GOVERN THE RELATIONSHIPS. It is love and works through Vaisnava tradition.
Then again I met with Srila Bhakti Pramod Puri Maharaj, another Godbrother of my Guru's. He was reserved by Lord Sri Krishna for a special installment of Grace. Thus by accepting him as my Siksa Guru I gained again a whole lot of Godbrothers around the world and over 100 Sannyasys and Babajis. Amazing. Family everywhere. When we meet in India sometimes it takes a while to figure out what is our family relationship. But in this way you can see that we are a big family. It is not so easy always with the language but we all try our best. Later we will be able to serve each other better after we get a little older. And also let me offer my special respects to all the senior Vaisnavas still alive on this planet. There are not many like Srila Nayananda das Babaji Maharaj or Srila Bhakti Sata Govinda Maharaj. But this is very important for me. You must know that we got some really sweet Vaisnavas out there still, who are just nectar. But due to language and their shyness it is not easy to get their darshan.
I offer my obeisances to all of them and pray for their mercy.