Dear friend, our spiritual master is developing different projects and needs your help. Every little bit helps, everything is a great help and your collaboration is vital for the development of the different projects around the world.

Vrinda is an independent mission that is maintained solely by the donations of its friends and members. 

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Projects wich need your Help


Financial help for the programs and preaching expenses of our Founder Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami

Distribution of sacred vegetarian food to people in need.

Help our Campaign for the liberation trough knowledge - Vedic Wisdom to help and educate about: drugs, abortion, alcoholism.

Educational projects, Vaisnava Academies and/or Univeda, The virtual Vedic University

For the International Foundation “House of  Wisdom”, services of charity

Help Vrinda’s educational projects. Pre-school and Sunday School projects.

Investigation of solar energy and organic agriculture

Help to develop destinations for Vedic Wisdom

Construction of a Vedic Planetarium in Columbia

Spiritual theme parks of Krishna’s Pastimes, Columbia

Vrinda Mission Department of comunications

Vrinda Department of Multimedia Production

Maintenance of the Vedic library in Spanish and on the internet 

Maintenance of Vrinda Web pages, servers, and file centers

Help the printing of specific or general Books, AudioBooks, DVD’s and CD-Roms of Vedic Wisdom [link books need to be printed]

Help finance mayor Vrinda events and Conventions.

Help mantain the Sanctuary “Varsana” in Colombia and the Yoga Planetary Mandir which is under construction.

Help the Vrinda Kunja temple in Vrindavan, India

Help the Yoga Monastery for women, located in Vamsi Kunja temple, India

Help for Vrinda’s women ashram (Vishnupriya) [link].

Help the Sannyasi Ashram and Vaisnava Forum “Yamuna Kunja”, India

Help the Construction of guesthouses and temple in Mayapur, India

Help to develop a Vrinda Center in my city.

I wish to help other projects, that are not on this list. Please explain

If you would like to donate money to support our Mission then fill in the amount that you would like to donate in U.S. currency and then hit the donate button below. All donations are tax deductible. The Vrindavan Church of Vaisnava Curlture and Studies, Inc is a 501(c)(3) federally approved non-profit religious organization that provides tax exempt receipts for all donations.
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Vrindavan (India)

May 2006

EcoTruly Park (Peru)

March 2006