See the beauty of creation and make yourself part of a healthy development. Learn yoga, organic cultivation, vegetarian cooking, spanish and community building.

We need your help.

If you can translate, make websites (even from your home), make conscious art, do volunteer work in our eco-ashramas, help spread vegetarianism, donate or want to visit our sanctuaries please contact our secretary.

We also welcome you for long time commitments:

- Study Vedic Wisdom

- Help to open Vrinda Ashramas (contact Vrinda Secretary)

  1. - Experience Spiritual community life (contact Mr. Druva Das)

  2. - Travel with a Pilgrim trough South America (contact Mr. Swami Raddhanti)
    to see in this website, for English information about our projects with facilities for volunteers:


Make it happen

Information for Volunteers, registration, English and Espanol

Directory of our Vrinda centers around the world